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Business Administration Careers

Diverse Careers for In-Demand Fields

The online BA/BS in Business Administration degree offers six career-specific concentrations that provide the skills you need to compete in your chosen field. Choose from accounting, finance, health management, management, marketing, supply chain management, and gain the expertise you need for a variety of business administration careers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a growing need for business leaders. The management field is expanding by 7% per year, creating more than 21,000 new jobs for administrative services managers by 2028.

Marketing Manager


Marketing managers are responsible for managing multiple members of the marketing department to produce effective marketing campaigns. Typically employed by a company or marketing agency, these managers work with diverse creative professionals to achieve the common goal of promoting a business’ products and services.

Industrial Production Manager


Industrial production managers lead employees in production facilities and manufacturing plants to ensure all operations are completed efficiently. They are responsible for developing strategic plans to produce products and materials as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Career and salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Additional business administration job opportunities for graduates include:

  • Accountant
  • Budget analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Medical and health services manager
  • Health information technician
  • Administrative services manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Operations research analyst
  • Logistician
  • Management analyst

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Program Outcomes: Business Tools for the Future

When you complete the BA/BS in Business Administration degree, you will be able to:

Specialty Skills for Your Chosen Field

The online BA/BS in Business Administration degree offers six career-focused concentrations to prepare you for the next step in your profession.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Health Management

Prepare for diverse roles as a leader in healthcare while building a strong understanding of business fundamentals with Lindenwood University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration in Health Management program.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Accounting

Develop the essential business skills it takes to succeed in a variety of accounting positions with the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Finance

Study business essentials while building the strong professional finance skills today’s employers are looking for with the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance program from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Management

Develop the key leadership and management skills needed to make a difference in your business with the online BBA in Management program from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Marketing

Develop successful marketing campaigns for today’s businesses, and prepare for marketing success in the future with the online Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Supply Chain Management

Advance your career as an expert in an in-demand field with the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree from Lindenwood University.

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