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By submitting this request for more information, you are giving your express written consent for Lindenwood University and its partners to contact you regarding our educational programs and services using email, telephone or text - including our use of automated technology for calls and periodic texts to the wireless number you provide. Message and data rates may apply. This consent is not required to purchase good or services and you may always email us directly, including to opt out, at [email protected].

Home Blog Behind the Seams: Exploring 18 Glamorous Fashion Careers

Behind the Seams: Exploring 18 Glamorous Fashion Careers

March 15, 2024

Contributing Author: Alley Bardon

8 mins read

The world of fashion is sprinkled with sparkle, glitter, and plenty of excitement—and if you are the type who loves to express your creativity through your wardrobe, then a career in fashion may be the perfect choice for you. Within this dynamic and glamorous industry, you will find plenty of opportunities that allow you to express yourself, showcase your imagination, and have an impact on the styles and trends that define our modern world.

Careers in Fashion

With a global market value of more than $1.53 trillion, the fashion industry is one of the largest, most impactful industries of our time. Within this eclectic and vibrant field, there are many fashion careers to choose from, allowing you to design a career path that is heavily influenced by both your personal interests and professional ambitions.

Types of Careers and Opportunities

Within the massive fashion industry, there are a variety of career opportunities in different sectors. According to Britannica, some key sectors of the fashion industry include:

  • Textile design and production
  • Fashion design and manufacturing
  • Fashion retailing and marketing
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion runway and modeling

Introductory Careers in Fashion

The fashion industry is notoriously competitive, so you may need a combination of educational qualifications, professional experience, and industry connections to get your foot in the door. Beginning your career with an undergraduate degree in fashion or a master's degree in fashion can allow you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the fashion realm as well as a niche, industry-specific skill set.

These are some of the entry-level fashion careers you can consider after earning your degree in fashion:

Fashion Buyer/Purchasing Agent

Sometimes referred to as a purchasing agent, a fashion buyer is an industry professional who works to make selections for a specific retail store or brand. Ultimately, fashion buyers need to be able to predict upcoming trends and determine what consumers will want most, often looking ahead one or two fashion seasons to inform their decisions.

Fashion Merchandiser

In many ways, merchandisers are considered the fortune-tellers of the fashion industry. They must rely heavily on consumer demographics and economic data to ensure the right fashion pieces are appropriately placed in the right stores, ultimately working to increase product sales and overall revenue. Fashion merchandising professionals work closely with brand representatives, fashion designers, and product developers to create products that will appeal to consumers and sell successfully in retail outlets.

Fashion Inventory Planner

Similar to merchandisers, fashion inventory planners must rely heavily on consumer data and anticipated industry trends to accurately forecast the amount of inventory needed for a particular product or brand. Fashion inventory planners may be responsible for:

  • Reviewing current inventory levels
  • Assessing seasonal needs and demands
  • Distributing merchandise to select stores
  • Monitoring inventory levels and product performance

Retail Manager

A retail manager is a professional who oversees the daily operations of a fashion outlet, such as a corporate retail chain or a small boutique. Retail managers are typically responsible for designing the sales floor and ensuring adequate staffing levels to accommodate the number of shoppers in the store at any given time. They may also manage inventory levels and make product placement selections.

Business Careers in Fashion

Numerous careers in fashion focus on the business side of the industry. These careers are ideal for individuals who are interested in the world of business yet want to explore their passion for fashion. Some of the top business careers in fashion include the following:

Fashion Entrepreneur

Self-starters who are interested in launching their own fashion brand or developing their own fashion products may be interested in a career as a fashion entrepreneur. Fashion entrepreneurs often work with industry investors to create their own products. When fashion entrepreneurs have a strong business foundation and a solid network of industry connections, they may be able to have their products purchased by some of the top industry brands.

Fashion Branding

Fashion branding is a type of fashion marketing, where fashion brand professionals work to develop an image and reputation for individuals and companies active in the fashion industry. According to Shopify, fashion branding professionals may assist with product naming, product design, brand color selection, marketing content, and online presence development.

Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketing is a sector within the fashion industry focused primarily on promoting clothing items and accessories. Fashion marketers may work for one specific brand or work at a fashion marketing firm where they manage several client accounts. The top responsibilities of fashion marketing professionals include:

  • Researching market statistics and identifying potential consumers for a particular brand
  • Developing and creating marketing content
  • Creating and implementing strategic marketing campaigns
  • Generating new ideas to improve the customer experience with a brand

Fashion Product Developer

Fashion product developers are responsible for managing the apparel production process, often serving as a liaison between the brand and the factory that will be manufacturing the product. Fashion product developers may work to negotiate production costs and overall timeline with the factory, secure product sourcing, and oversee quality assurance standards to help ensure the production process yields high-quality products that accurately reflect the brand.

Design Careers in Fashion

Those interested in combining their artistic skills and creative prowess within their professional role may want to consider one of the following design-related careers in fashion. Below are career options that could allow you to explore the world of fashion design:

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create clothing items that appeal to a specific market demographic. High-end fashion designers generally work with luxury brands to create custom designs or haute couture apparel, much of which is designed for affluent clients who prefer the exclusivity of the pieces. While high-end fashion design is a career goal for many fashion designers, most work in the street fashion sector, designing apparel intended to appeal to a mass audience and that can be produced at an affordable price point.

Textile Designer

Textile designers are specialists within the fashion industry who create patterns that can be printed or woven onto fabric. Although some textile designers create their art by hand, many use technical software to create intricate patterns that appeal to today's modern consumers. This is an ideal fashion career for someone who has both technical skills and a creative mindset.

Creative Careers in Fashion

Creativity reigns supreme within the world of fashion; as a result, many career opportunities allow individuals to explore their ideas and passions in innovative ways. These are some top creative fashion careers:

Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers are creative professionals who take pictures of clothing items for various publications, such as retail catalogs, fashion magazines, or websites. Fashion photographers must possess advanced photography skills and an in-depth knowledge of cameras, along with a universal understanding of the fashion industry. Fashion photographers rely on their creative eye to capture clothing items and fashion accessories in a way that best highlights the products.

Fashion Videographer

Like fashion photographers, fashion videographers also work to capture footage of clothing items and fashion accessories. These professionals are required to be on-location at photo shoots, and they often work closely with brand representatives as well as runway models to capture footage in an appealing, authentic, and alluring way.

Fashion Journalist

Fashion journalists are media professionals who cover the fashion industry. They may include reporters, writers, editors, and videographers, as they are responsible for staying on top of the latest industry trends and breaking news in order to keep the public informed about the latest happenings within the realm of fashion.

Fashion Illustrator

Effortlessly blending fine art with fashion design, fashion illustrators work to create visual drawings and illustrations of fashion products like clothing items, jewelry, or accessories. Fashion illustrators may work directly for a designer or may be employed by a retail brand or clothing manufacturer.

Other Careers in Fashion

Fashion careers can extend beyond business and design. If you are interested in other aspects of this industry, you may want to consider some of these style professions and career opportunities:

Fashion Blogger/Influencer

Fashion bloggers, social influencers, and content creators are playing an increasingly powerful role within the fashion industry. Individuals who have developed a large following on social media may serve as brand representatives, often generating moments in which certain products go viral and sales increase exponentially. According to the Business Research Company, the size of the fashion influencer marketing market is expected to grow by 35.7% between 2023 and 2024, highlighting the sheer impact these professionals can have on the fashion industry.

Fashion Copywriter

Fashion copywriters are key players in the world of fashion journalism and fashion marketing. They are generally responsible for writing product descriptions that accurately portray fashion items, while simultaneously making them appealing to a specific target market. Fashion copywriters also may develop web content and social media posts for brands.

Costume Designer

Costume designers design clothing items and accessories for film and theater. These fashion designers are often responsible for securing material, studying the fashion trends of a particular time period, and developing costumes that will bring a story to life on stage or on camera.

Fashion Event Planner

Fashion event planners are professionals who work to plan industry-specific events, such as runway shows, galas, and more. Fashion event planners must work closely with brand representatives and fashion designers to ensure the details of the event reflect the brand's overall identity. Fashion event planners may be responsible for finding the right space for the event, booking models for the runway opportunities, coordinating sound and light logistics, and creating the guest list.

Launch Your Career in this Glamorous Industry at Lindenwood University

At Lindenwood University, we can help provide the foundation you need to pursue one of the various exciting careers in fashion. We offer both an online Bachelor of Science in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship degree as well as an online Master of Science in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship, allowing you to become a motivated self-starter in this ever-evolving field.

Request more information about our fashion degree programs today.

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