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Health Science Careers

Prepare for Diverse Health Science Careers

Lindenwood’s Master’s in Health Sciences online program equips you with the professional fitness expertise necessary for successful health science careers. With guidance from industry experts, you’ll explore the science of fitness and wellness, and gain advanced skills in community health.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a growing need for health educators and fitness trainers, with the field growing at a rate of 13–15%. This growth will lead to more than 57,000 new health science careers by 2029.

Health Educator


Health educators impact communities by providing health and wellness knowledge through community programs and schools. Their goal is to improve the overall health of community members.

Fitness Trainer and Instructor


Fitness trainers and instructors help others live healthy lives through exercises. Professionals in this position may design fitness plans for individuals or lead group fitness classes.

Career and salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Additional health science careers for graduates of this program:

  • Wellness director
  • Fitness manager
  • Community health worker
  • Dietician

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Program Outcomes: Expertise for Health Science Careers

When you complete the Master’s in Health Sciences online degree, you will be able to:

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