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A New Way to Complete Your FAFSA

Navigating your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be a complicated, overwhelming process. Fortunately, Lindenwood University now offers a unique digital tool to help modernize and simplify this otherwise daunting experience.

Fast FAFSA Facts:

  • Lindenwood University FAFSA Code: 002480
  • Complete the FAFSA in as little as 7 minutes*

In order to apply for financial aid in the form of federal loans, grants, and scholarships, students must complete their FAFSA. For additional support to incoming students, Lindenwood University provides a stress-free digital tool to streamline the application process. As a result, you can complete the application in as little as 7 minutes and on whatever device works best for you.

Our custom FAFSA tool can only help you discover what financial aid options you have through the FAFSA process. When comparing federal loans and private loans, the key difference is that federal loans are funded by the U.S. government and private loans are provided by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Each has its own student loan eligibility criteria, application process, and terms and conditions. Whether you choose federally funded student loans or private student loans, you have to pay back the money you borrow, plus interest—whether you graduate or not. Student loans are legal agreements, so be sure you understand what you’re signing. If something isn’t clear, ask your school counselor or lender for help.

Connect with an enrollment counselor today to get started on your FAFSA.

*Available for select programs.

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