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Art and Design / article

Eight Career Paths in the Video Game Industry

Do you love video games? Do you have a vision for the game you’d love to make? Are you the sort of player who recognizes why games are good or bad, and what makes them enjoyable or frustrating? Are you a regular consumer of games journalism? Millions of people play…

Criminal Justice / article

Criminal Justice vs Criminology: 7 Careers in the Justice System

More than ever, the criminal justice system needs highly qualified people who have the knowledge and skills to make their communities safer. Learn more about criminal justice, criminology, and the career paths that a degree in each discipline can unlock.

Art and Design / article

Real Degrees for Creative People

Creativity is an asset in any workplace, and the right creative degree program can help you grow and shape that asset. Learn about the types of creative degrees you can pursue online in this overview.

Business / article

Build A Career in Fashion Entrepreneurship

A bachelor's degree in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship could open the door to a variety of careers in fashion. Learn more about fashion career paths.

Business / article

Becoming a Leader in Sustainable Fashion

As sustainability in the fashion industry continues to become a priority, learning to discern what is sustainable fashion is more important than ever.

Communications / article

Four Surefire Ways to Create Content

Learn how keynote speaker and bestselling author Judi Holler grew an Instagram following of 22k with four simple tips for social media marketing.

Business / article

Is Meme Marketing the Future of Visual Content?

Meme marketing has gained traction in recent years, but hasn't become a mainstream option for advertisers. Learn more about its potential risks & rewards.

Business / article

Social Entrepreneurship: Empowering Consumers While Making an Impact

Social entrepreneurship empowers and changes society. Discover the social impact of companies that give back and types of social entrepreneurship.

Business / article

Why Authentic Marketing Works

Authentic marketing matters now more than ever, and that need will only continue to grow. Lindenwood takes a close look at the power of authenticity.

Business / article

How Environmental Sustainability in Business is Making an Impact

Around the globe, companies are making efforts to embrace sustainability in business, and it's making an impact. We train leaders to drive this change.