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Dyslexia Graduate Certificate

Expand Your Teaching Capabilities

Improve the lives and learning outcomes of students with dyslexia with the online Master of Arts in Education and graduate certificate in dyslexia curriculum program from Lindenwood University.

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  • Duration 24 months*
  • Cost per Credit $540
  • Credit Hours 33

Program Benefits

  • 100% online
  • 8-week courses
  • Gain specialized knowledge to support students with dyslexia

* shortest program duration

Address the Learning Needs of Students with Dyslexia

The online Master of Arts in Education program from Lindenwood University delivers the skills you need to make a difference in education and land a variety of rewarding positions within the field. The program allows you to choose between five concentrations and certificate programs to provide you with the necessary skills for your specific career goals.

By choosing the online graduate certificate in dyslexia option, you’ll prepare to address the learning needs of students struggling with reading. Designed for individuals who are currently employed as reading specialists, instructional coaches, classroom teachers, and paraprofessionals, this program provides an academic credential that leads to advanced career opportunities within the field.

Career Outlook: Positions that Make a Difference

The International Dyslexia Association reports that up to 20% of the nation’s population exhibit symptoms of dyslexia and difficulties with reading. Many of these individuals are children who rely heavily on educators with advanced skills in teaching students with learning disabilities.

Once you’ve completed the graduate certificate in dyslexia, you’ll have what it takes to apply your knowledge of learning disabilities and dyslexia to careers in curriculum and instructional design. In addition, the core foundational curriculum of the online Master of Arts in Education program will help you build a solid academic foundation for a variety of diverse educational opportunities inside and outside the regular classroom. Educational professionals can augment their skills as a Special Reading Teacher and/or meet the needs of struggling readers in the regular classroom.

Instructional Coordinator


Instructional coordinators are responsible for choosing what and how students learn. They play a role in developing educational materials used in schools and help educators understand how to use such materials in lessons to effectively educate students.

Career and Technical Education Teachers


Career and technical education teachers prepare individuals to begin careers in specific professions with or without a college degree. These professionals share their insight into specific industries and help the next generation begin their careers successfully and confidently.

Curriculum: Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Courses

Explore advanced topics in education with our online master’s degree in education. This program includes a total of 33 credit hours. Fifteen credit hours examine core foundational subjects, such as educational research and the innovation mindset. Eighteen credits focus on the specific topics that pertain to your concentration of study. While earning your master’s degree and the graduate certificate in dyslexia, you can conveniently complete courses in an interactive digital classroom that allows you to balance your education with your personal schedule.

Course Spotlight: EDRL 50810 Reading Methods and Strategies for Students with Dyslexia and Struggling Readers

Students will research the characteristics of the struggling readers with special attention for Dyslexia. The course will emphasize manifestations, warning signs, and symptoms in the classroom setting as well as the selection of appropriate strategies, methods, and materials for increasing success in reading for all students. Observation hours are required for this class. Students will be assisted in locating a setting where students with Dyslexia are receiving services. Students will be expected to devise personalized learning experiences for struggling readers. Upon completion, students will be able to effectively work with readers, their families and school districts to ensure that appropriate accommodations will be put in place.

Course Spotlight: EDRL 53000 Assistive Technology and Structured Literacy

This course will include a book study and discussion of phonemic and structured literacy (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency and metacognition) appropriate for struggling readers as well as an exploration of the available assistive technology and tools designed to help meet the needs of struggling readers.

Other Available Concentrations

Education, MA: Curriculum & Instruction

Lindenwood University’s online Curriculum and Instruction Master’s in Education concentration allows you to customize your degree to gain the skills needed for the education career you want.

Education, MA: Teacher Leadership Certificate

Transform your education career and help improve your institution as a leader with the Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Leadership Certificate online program from Lindenwood University.

Education, MA: K-12 e-Learning Certificate

Gain the skills to deliver outstanding educational experiences in diverse digital learning environments with the online Master of Arts in Education and the K-12 e-Learning Certificate program from Lindenwood University.

Education, MA: Library Media and Technology

An online master’s degree in library media from Lindenwood University provides you with the library media and technology skills necessary in today’s schools, preparing you for specialized, in-demand careers.

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Career and salary information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.