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Online Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA): Supply Chain Management Concentration

Gain Leadership Skills for an Evolving Business

Advance your career as an expert in an in-demand field with the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree from Lindenwood University.

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  • Duration 2-4 years
  • Cost per Credit $495
  • Credit Hours 120

Program Benefits

  • ACBSP-accredited
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • Recognized as one of the Best Online Supply Chain Management Schools by 2020 and 2019

Establish Yourself as a Leader

The online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree from Lindenwood University prepares you for leadership positions in logistics and business. Gain the skills necessary for success in supply chain management and learn the fundamentals of running a modern business, including finance, law, management, international business, and operations management. Through the Business Administration Supply Chain Management program, you will gain valuable leadership and logistics skills that can be applied to nearly any industry, including corporate and non-profit organizations.

When choosing between the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science options, it’s important to understand what each program offers. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration is a broader, more diverse degree that allows you to explore supply chain management, in addition to other areas of business. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is more focused on the business principles of supply chain management.

Career Outlook: In-Demand Positions

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the need for supply chain management professionals is growing at an average rate of 5% per year. With this growth, hundreds of new careers in supply chain management are created each year.

By choosing the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree from Lindenwood University, you’ll gain the essential leadership and logistics expertise that employers are looking for. In addition, you’ll also build a deep understanding of business and develop skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.



Logisticians oversee a company’s supply chain to ensure products are distributed on schedule. Their responsibilities include ensuring all supplies and materials are provided for other members of the logistics team to carry out their jobs.

Industrial Production Manager


Industrial production managers lead employees in production facilities and manufacturing plants to ensure all operations are being carried out efficiently. They are responsible for developing strategic plans to produce products and materials as fast and as efficiently as possible.

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Curriculum: An Academic Foundation for the Career You Want

The online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree from Lindenwood University combines essential business skills with a strong foundation in supply chain management. As a student, you’ll explore topics like the principles of procurement management, logistics, project management, and more. All Business Administration Supply Chain Management courses can be completed conveniently online, allowing you to balance your education with your personal schedule.

Course Spotlight: MGMT 36042 Principles of Supply Chain Management

This course is designed for students who are interested in understanding the fundamental aspects of Supply Chain Management (SCM). It is designed to familiarize the student with the subject matter of procurement, forecasting, inventory management, enterprise resource planning, quality management, location selection, supply chain integration and performance measurement. Lab fee may be required.

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Course Spotlight: MGMT 36045 Principles of Logistics Management

This course will provide an in-depth understanding and the opportunity to apply logistics management theories and practices. Specifically, the student will learn the important role that both transportation and warehousing play in today’s global business environment, including techniques regarding transportation mode selection, warehousing, network design, and performance measurements. Lab fee may be required.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can complete the online BA/BS in Business Administration in as few as 24 months.

The number of courses depends on the bachelor’s program you pursue. View the curriculum for the BA option here and the curriculum for the BS option here.

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Yes, there are scholarships available. Find out if you qualify for a scholarship opportunity here.

Rather than helping you become licensed, the online BA/BS in Business Administration provides you with the academic background you need to succeed in diverse business positions. Learn more about the professional outcomes of this program here.

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Career and salary information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.