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Technology Services

Have a technical issue? Can’t access your online courses? We offer technology services through our IT Help Desk. Staff members are available to assist you with problems related to computer hardware, software, and Lindenwood’s learning management system.

Computer Specifications

In order to successfully complete your online program’s coursework, you will need a reliable, high-speed internet connection (at least 6 Mbps) and a personal computer that meets the following requirements.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows PC or Apple Mac
  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 4GB of Memory (RAM) – Recommended 8 GB
  • 30GB of free storage space
  • Webcam and headset microphone

*Chromebooks are unsupported for Lindenwood Online use.

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Word Processing application to save and open Microsoft Office formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)
    • Microsoft Office 2016 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files
  • Adobe Flash Player to view videos, tutorials, and other media content
  • Java Plug-in (optional) for secondary sites and tools
  • Anti-Virus Software to scan files and emails on your computer

Mac Software Requirements**

  • Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or Higher
  • One of the following internet browsers for accessing and navigating Lindenwood University sites:
    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
  • Apple QuickTime

*Chromebooks are unsupported for Lindenwood Online use.

Windows Software Requirements**

  • Windows 8 (Current Security Patches and Updates)
  • Windows 10 (Current Patches and Updates)
  • One of the following internet browsers for accessing and navigating Lindenwood University sites:
    • Microsoft Edge (Current Release)
    • Firefox (Current Release)
    • Chrome (Current Release)
  • Windows Media Player

Check Your Computer Specifications


  1. Right-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.
  2. Select Properties.


  1. Click on the Apple menu.
  2. Select About this Mac.

Access Your Online Courses

Lindenwood Online uses Canvas as its learning management system. This easy-to-use system allows you to access your courses anywhere and is mobile-friendly.

To access your courses, simply log into Canvas using your Lindenwood username and password.

Need Technical Assistance?

Contact the Lindenwood Help Desk by calling 636.255.5100 or emailing

* Specific courses or programs may have additional requirements as noted in the course syllabus
** Mobile devices can also be used with Lindenwood University sites and courses. However, students are required to have a computer with full Windows or MacOS operating system to ensure access to all sites, tools, and resources used by Lindenwood University.
*** Lindenwood University students are responsible for arranging the hardware necessary to complete coursework, e.g. for listening to or recording audio, viewing or recording video, and/or participating in web conferencing (synchronous or asynchronous).