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Don’t Put Your Success on Hold

Stay on Track Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic made a significant impact on education, resulting in students across America having to shift from the classroom to virtual learning. The threat of the virus, the need to remain socially distanced, and many campuses remaining closed this fall has left many students and their parents unsure what to do about their collegiate education.

We at Lindenwood University are here to make sure you have all the information you need to make decisions about your education confidently. We offer the following guide created by Wiley Education Services, a thought leader in higher education research and online education, in partnership with This free guide addresses the impact of COVID-19 on education and provides insight into online learning, such as the online student experience, myths vs. facts about online education, and the difference between proven online degree programs and emergency online instruction.

A Guide to Online Bachelor’s Degrees Post Pandemic: What undergraduate students should know and how to stay on track amid COVID-19

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Advance Your Education Conveniently at Lindenwood University

You can take the next step toward your future right now. Achieve your goals regardless of where you are, thanks to more than 35 online programs from Lindenwood University — serving students worldwide with affordable, high-quality academic programs since 1827.

There’s no need to come to campus to advance your education. Simply log in to your online learning environment at any time, from anywhere, to learn. Your program can fit current professional and personal commitments and, with dedicated faculty and your personal advisor, you’ll have the assistance you need to excel in your studies.

Obtain the flexibility you need to succeed. Experience the tradition, community, and support you need to advance your future.

Why Choose Lindenwood?

Ultimate Flexibility

Learn 100% online with asynchronous courses that allow you to choose when and where you study. Earn your degree on any connected device.


Lindenwood has been ranked No. 17 on’s list of Best Value Colleges in Missouri and is a Military Friendly® School. (And there’s no application fee.)

Unparalleled Support

Benefit from the same resources as on-campus students, like library services, the career center, and military student services. You’ll also have 24/7 tech support.

Generous Credit Transfer

Complete your undergraduate degree with as few as 30 credit hours taken at Lindenwood.

Our Programs

Find your program from our selection of affordable, flexible options.

Digital Marketing, MS

Prepare for a career in an emerging field in just two years. This program has the highest record of employment for all of our graduate programs.

Art History & Visual Culture, BA

Study visual culture in the context of art history and take advantage of study abroad opportunities through this flexible program.

Cybersecurity, BS

Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity to prepare for an in-demand, entry-level career in the technology industry.

Game Design, BA

Gain the background you need for a career in a game studio environment. Through a curriculum that only requires basic programming skills to start, you can develop your skills using game engines like Unreal and Unity.

Criminology & Criminal Justice, BA

Explore the criminal justice system — including law enforcement, courts, and corrections — as you learn from faculty who are experienced in the field. This program also has opportunities for internships and field trips.

Art & Design, BA

Prepare for a creative career through an interdisciplinary approach as you customize your degree and have multiple opportunities for collaboration with peers and faculty.

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA

Personalize your degree as you focus on three concentrations of your choice and prepare for a range of career options or graduate study.

Marketing, BA/BS

Build a strong foundation in core business and marketing principles to effectively market goods and services through this ACBSP-accredited program.

Human Resource Management, BA/BS

Study the skills you need to be successful in HR through a curriculum that includes real-life situational experiences. This program is aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management’s guidelines.

Business Administration, BA/BS

Gain effective leadership skills as you focus on a specific business area, such as accounting, management, marketing, and supply chain management.

Health Management, BS

Get ready for a role in healthcare management through a curriculum that is based on content recommended by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education.

Information Technology, BS

Prepare for a career in IT with this accelerated program as you create your own specialization in areas like application development or networking.

Digital Marketing, BS

Learn the analytical, design, and marketing aspects of social media to prepare for a career as a social media coordinator, digital content strategist, or webmaster.

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, BS

Discover the business side of the fashion industry and take advantage of the opportunity to attend Fashion Week events around the world and participate in the Fashion Design and Business Advisory Council for networking, feedback, and internships.

Paramedicine, BS

Prepare for the challenges of caring for a variety of patient populations through one of the few paramedicine programs in the country. Designed for certified paramedics, this program has options for U.S. military paramedics as well.

Art History & Visual Culture, MA

Study the visual arts and culture of various eras through traditional and contemporary approaches, and discover how visual culture conveys meaning.

Art & Design, BFA

Build a foundation in the fine arts and digital media while pursuing one of four emphasis areas: web and user experience, graphic design, digital art, or photography.

Education, MA

Pursue one of five concentrations – Curriculum and Instruction, Designing Curriculum for Students with Dyslexia, Designing and Implementing K-12 e-Learning, Education and Business Leadership or Library Media and Technology – as you earn your master’s degree in just two years.

Educational Technology, MA

Become an expert in an emerging field of education as you gain the skills to leverage modern technology to enhance the classroom learning experience.

Gifted Education, MA

Prepare to effectively teach gifted children. This CAEP-accredited program offers an add-on Missouri teaching certification and allows you to gain insight from multiple speakers throughout the year.

Higher Education, MA

Explore the various skills needed to excel in a teaching, administrative, or managerial career at a higher education institution through a sociocultural focus. Practicum and project components allow you to concentrate on an area of interest.

Leadership, MA

Discover how to lead a small or large business through its organizational changes with this ACBSP-accredited program.

Teaching Secondary Education, MAT

Earn your initial teaching certification in a secondary education content field in just two years through a CAEP-accredited curriculum.

Early Intervention in Autism and Sensory Impairments, MA

Gain in-demand skills for diverse classrooms as you explore these three areas: autism spectrum disorder, deaf/hearing impairment, and vision impairment.

Healthcare Administration, MHA

Advance your career in the healthcare and human service industries and gain the skills for a leadership role. Accredited by the ACBSP.

Accountancy, MAcc

Examine the theories and practical skills of accounting as you prepare for the certified public accountant exam.

Music Education, MME

Improve your teaching and music skills as you expand your knowledge of the field. Designed for certified K–12 educators.

Public Administration, MPA

Develop the interdisciplinary skills needed to pursue a career in government operations in 18 months. This program offers the ability to customize your curriculum with electives.

Non-Profit Administration, MA

Help make the world a better place and prepare for a leadership role at a non-profit organization through this customizable two-year program.

Business Administration, MBA

Become a business leader through a curriculum that examines case studies and contemporary issues. Specialize in one of several areas in this ACBSP-accredited program.

Writing, MFA

Focus on fiction, creative non-fiction, or poetry as you design your own curriculum and take advantage of workshops, craft classes, and literature classes.

Cybersecurity Management, MS

Build the skills for a lucrative and in-demand career leading technology teams. Study relevant, industry-driven coursework that blends business and technology skill sets.

Criminal Justice Administration, MS

Learn from current criminal justice professionals as you prepare for a leadership role in the field of criminal justice through an accelerated curriculum.

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, MS

Acquire the skills to excel in the fashion industry or launch your own business and build a sense of community while interacting with other professionals.

Information Technology Management, MS

Advance your career in information technology and prepare for a mid-level management role through a two-year, industry-driven curriculum.

Health Sciences, MS

Specialize in fitness and wellness through a curriculum that blends advanced education with scientific inquiry. No GRE score required for admission.

Art & Design, MA

The Master of Arts in Art & Design provides students with a firm foundation in critical theories and trends, as well as the practical application and problem solving involved in design.

Game Design, MA

The Master of Arts in Game Design provides students with the skills needed to thrive in a game studio environment and is comprised of high-level game design and production courses that prepares students for the industry.

Human Resource Management, MA

The Master of Arts in Human Resource Management provides students with the skills needed to succeed in HR.

Integrated Library Media & Technology, MA

The Master of Arts in Integrated School Library Media and Technology prepares currently certified teachers for work as a library/media specialist in K-12 schools.

Studio Art, MA

The Master of Arts in Studio Art provides students with a firm foundation in critical theories and trends, as well as the practical application and problem solving involved in creating works of art.

Accounting, BA/BS

Students pursuing a degree in accounting will acquire both theoretical and practical accounting skills.

Finance, BA/BS

The skills you through a BA/BS in Finance will serve you well in the business world. Finance graduates are often employed in corporate finance, investment banking, and more.

Mass Communication, BA

The BA in Mass Communications will provide you with the background and theories of mass communication along with up-to-date knowledge needed to succeed now and in the future.

Mass Communication, BA: Media Arts Production

Learn about the media arts production realm with a BA in Mass Communications with emphasis in Media Arts Production.

Mass Communication, BA: Media Management & Sales

Learn the sales and advertising realm of media with a BA in Mass Communications with emphasis in Media Management and Sales.

Pre-Art Therapy, BA

When you pursue a BA in Pre-Art Therapy at Lindenwood, you will take courses in subjects like program design and Design I, Drawing I, Digital Foundations, Abnormal Psychology, and Human Development.

Certificate Programs

Explore our certificate program options.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Healthcare Management

Prepare for diverse roles as a leader in healthcare while building a strong understanding of business fundamentals with Lindenwood University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration in Health Management program.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Accounting

Develop the essential business skills it takes to succeed in a variety of accounting positions with the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Finance

Study business essentials while building the strong professional finance skills today’s employers are looking for with the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance program from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Management

Develop the key leadership and management skills needed to make a difference in your business with the online BBA in Management program from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Marketing

Develop successful marketing campaigns for today’s businesses, and prepare for marketing success in the future with the online Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Supply Chain Management

Advance your career as an expert in an in-demand field with the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree from Lindenwood University.

Information Technology, BS: Applications Development

Develop the technical production skills it takes to improve the field of technology through application development with the online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Applications Development degree from Lindenwood University.

Information Technology, BS: Networking

Advance your IT career as a networking expert with the online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Networking degree from Lindenwood University.

Education, MA: Curriculum & Instruction

Lindenwood University’s online Curriculum and Instruction Master’s in Education concentration allows you to customize your degree to gain the skills needed for the education career you want.

Writing, MFA: Poetry

Enhance your poetry capabilities as you design your own curriculum and take advantage of workshops, craft classes, and literature classes in the online Poetry MFA in Writing program from Lindenwood University.

Writing, MFA: Fiction

Hone your fiction writing skills as you design your own curriculum across a range of courses – workshops, craft and literature classes – in the Fiction concentration of the online MFA in Writing program.

Writing, MFA: Creative Nonfiction

Explore writing alongside published authors with the online Creative Nonfiction MFA in Writing program from Lindenwood University.

Education, MA: Teacher Leadership Certificate

Transform your education career and help improve your institution as a leader with the Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Leadership Certificate online program from Lindenwood University.

Education, MA: Dyslexia Graduate Certificate

Improve the lives and learning outcomes of students with dyslexia with the online Master of Arts in Education and graduate certificate in dyslexia curriculum program from Lindenwood University.

Education, MA: K-12 e-Learning Certificate

Gain the skills to deliver outstanding educational experiences in diverse digital learning environments with the online Master of Arts in Education and the K-12 e-Learning Certificate program from Lindenwood University.

Business Administration, BA/BS: Admission

Business Administration, BA/BS: Tuition

Human Resource Management, BA/BS: Tuition

Business Administration, BA/BS: Careers

Human Resource Management, BA/BS: Careers

Human Resource Management, BA/BS: Admission

Marketing, BA/BS: Careers

Human Resource Management, BA/BS: Courses

Marketing, BA/BS: Courses

Business Administration, BA/BS: Courses

Marketing, BA/BS: Admission

Marketing, BA/BS: Tuition

Art & Design, BA: Careers

Art & Design, BA: Admission

Art & Design, BA: Tuition

Information Technology, BS: Careers

Information Technology, BS: Admission

Information Technology, BS: Tuition

Art & Design, BA: Courses

Education, MA: Careers

Education, MA: Admission

Education, MA: Tuition

Information Technology, BS: Courses

Writing, MFA: Careers

Education, MA: Courses

Writing, MFA: Courses

Writing, MFA: Admission

Writing, MFA: Tuition

Art & Design, BFA: Careers

Art & Design, BFA: Courses

Art & Design, BFA: Admission

Art & Design, BFA: Tuition

Art History & Visual Culture, BA: Careers

Art History & Visual Culture, BA: Courses

Art History & Visual Culture, BA: Admission

Art History & Visual Culture, BA: Tuition

Criminology & Criminal Justice, BA: Careers

Criminology & Criminal Justice, BA: Courses

Criminology & Criminal Justice, BA: Admission

Criminology & Criminal Justice, BA: Tuition

Game Design, BA: Careers

Game Design, BA: Courses

Game Design, BA: Admission

Game Design, BA: Tuition

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA: Careers

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA: Courses

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA: Admission

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA: Tuition

Cybersecurity, BS: Careers

Cybersecurity, BS: Courses

Cybersecurity, BS: Admission

Cybersecurity, BS: Tuition

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, BS: Careers

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, BS: Courses

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, BS: Admission

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, BS: Tuition

Paramedicine, BS: Careers

Paramedicine, BS: Courses

Paramedicine, BS: Admission

Paramedicine, BS: Tuition

Digital Marketing, BS: Careers

Digital Marketing, BS: Courses

Digital Marketing, BS: Admission

Digital Marketing, BS: Tuition

Art History & Visual Culture, MA: Careers

Art History & Visual Culture, MA: Courses

Art History & Visual Culture, MA: Admission

Art History & Visual Culture, MA: Tuition

Early Intervention in Autism and Sensory Impairments, MA: Careers

Early Intervention in Autism and Sensory Impairments, MA: Courses

Early Intervention in Autism and Sensory Impairments, MA: Admission

Early Intervention in Autism and Sensory Impairments, MA: Tuition

Educational Technology, MA: Careers

Educational Technology, MA: Courses

Educational Technology, MA: Admission

Educational Technology, MA: Tuition

Gifted Education, MA: Careers

Gifted Education, MA: Courses

Gifted Education, MA: Admission

Gifted Education, MA: Tuition

Higher Education, MA: Careers

Higher Education, MA: Courses

Higher Education, MA: Admission

Higher Education, MA: Tuition

Leadership, MA: Tuition

Leadership, MA: Careers

Leadership, MA: Admission

Leadership, MA: Courses

Non-Profit Administration, MA: Careers

Non-Profit Administration, MA: Courses

Non-Profit Administration, MA: Admission

Non-Profit Administration, MA: Tuition

Healthcare Administration, MHA: Careers

Healthcare Administration, MHA: Courses

Healthcare Administration, MHA: Admission

Healthcare Administration, MHA: Tuition

Accountancy, MAcc: Careers

Accountancy, MAcc: Courses

Accountancy, MAcc: Admission

Accountancy, MAcc: Tuition

Health Management, BS: Careers

Health Management, BS: Courses

Health Management, BS: Admission

Health Management, BS: Tuition

Music Education, MME: Careers

Music Education, MME: Courses

Music Education, MME: Admission

Music Education, MME: Tuition

Business Administration, MBA: Courses

Business Administration, MBA: Admission

Business Administration, MBA: Tuition

Business Administration, MBA: Careers

Public Administration, MPA: Tuition

Public Administration, MPA: Admission

Public Administration, MPA: Courses

Public Administration, MPA: Careers

Teaching Secondary Education, MAT: Tuition

Teaching Secondary Education, MAT: Admission

Teaching Secondary Education, MAT: Courses

Teaching Secondary Education, MAT: Careers

Criminal Justice Administration, MS: Tuition

Criminal Justice Administration, MS: Admission

Criminal Justice Administration, MS: Courses

Criminal Justice Administration, MS: Careers

Cybersecurity Management, MS: Tuition

Cybersecurity Management, MS: Admission

Cybersecurity Management, MS: Courses

Cybersecurity Management, MS: Careers

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, MS: Tuition

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, MS: Admission

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, MS: Courses

Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship, MS: Careers

Information Technology Management, MS: Tuition

Information Technology Management, MS: Admission

Information Technology Management, MS: Courses

Information Technology Management, MS: Careers

Health Sciences, MS: Courses

Health Sciences, MS: Admission

Health Sciences, MS: Tuition

Digital Marketing, MS: Courses

Digital Marketing, MS: Admission

Digital Marketing, MS: Tuition

Health Sciences, MS: Careers

Digital Marketing, MS: Careers

Education, MA: Library Media and Technology

An online master’s degree in library media from Lindenwood University provides you with the library media and technology skills necessary in today’s schools, preparing you for specialized, in-demand careers.

About Lindenwood

Since opening its doors in 1827, Lindenwood University has maintained its mission of enhancing lives through quality education and professional preparatory experiences. With an expansive campus located in the heart of St. Charles, Missouri, along with an interactive online classroom, Lindenwood serves students all over the world with affordable, high-quality academic programs.